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How to Write a Book With No Experience: The #1 Best Way

How to Write a Book With No Experience

How to Get Started Writing a Book

Do you want to learn how to write a book but don’t have the experience?

It’s okay, because you know what every great writer had?

The same experience.

They all started with no experience and the ONLY way they were able to get some was by just doing it. BUT, we’re not going to just hang you out to dry with that lame statement.

We are LITERALLY going to show you how to write a book with no experience by leveraging the power of Aritificial Intelligence (AI).

Yes, AI! Don’t think about the way you may have used it before, giving you subpar responses if you’ve used tools like ChatGPT.

For those living under a rock, ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations and much more.

Have you ever heard the saying Garbage in, Garbage out?

Well if you give these AI tools generic questions, you’re going to get generic answers. 

Did you know you can actually train these AI tools to think like you, talk like you and ghost write your next book?

Now, don’t be scared, but it is a little scary how accurate these tools can get once you train them but I rather use the word AMAZING.

You mean, I can FINALLY get the book out that I’ve been wanting to write for years but I no longer have to use the excuses of fear, time, or know how?

Sign me up! 

We were privileged to attend a Mindset To Money Masterclass on How to Write a Book Leveraging the Power of AI.


The Masterclass was hosted by renowned entrepreneur and AI master Alicia Lyttle. Alicia is a  TEDx Speaker, digital marketing expert with 23 years of experience and has held prestigious positions at The White House, and has shared her expertise internationally, teaching others to leverage the internet for business success.

Her ability to write books in a matter of days has sparked great attention.

We are going to share some of the snippets from that Masterclass she held to help you learn how to write a book with no experience and show you some MIND BLOWING ways on how you can get this done in 10 days or less!

Don’t believe us? Watch this snippet from the Masterclass where Alicia Lyttle showed us how to train ChatGPT to write just like her.

(insert youtube video recap)

If you can do this with a couple of prompts just think about what you can do if you’re trying to write a book!  This was just a SNIPPET! 

Can you imagine what else was discussed in this Masterclass? Let’s just say, she went in even more in-depth and showed us the blueprint we need to create a book in just 10 days! If you want to see the full Masterclass, click HERE.

So, Can You Write a Book With No Experience?

Absolutely, did you see what we just showed you? How could you need experience to write a book when you have AI? Artificial intelligence has evolved significantly and it has the tools and understanding to help you write a book in your own style and tone and most importantly get you unstuck and get you passed that blank piece of paper..

How to Get Started Writing a Book

How do you overcome your fears of getting started writing a book?

You just have to do it scared. The advantage you have with AI is that you don’t have to do it alone. You’re using it as a “partner” and you have the confidence to know that you are dealing with a professional writer assisting you every step of the way for the very low price of nothing!

This eliminates such a huge barrier for those who would have otherwise had to do this by themselves. 

So, now that you know you can create a book with no experience let’s discuss some of the things you’ll want to think about.

How Do I Write My First Book?

How Do I Write My First Book
  1. First Understand Your Style and Tone: Begin by recognizing your natural writing style and tone. Are you casual, formal, conversational, or professional? Knowing this helps train AI to write in a way that represents you authentically.
  1. Leverage AI with Caution: Be cautious when using AI to write your book. Understanding how to train AI in your style and tone is crucial. Misusing AI can result in poor quality content. Ensure you’re well-versed in training AI before diving in.
  1. Ideation Process: Generate an idea for your book. It could be something you’re passionate about or an area where you have expertise. AI can assist you in developing and structuring this idea into a coherent narrative.
  2. Identify Your Target Audience and Genre: Determine who your book is intended for. Consider your passions and interests. AI can help you align your content with the preferences and expectations of your target audience.
  3. Combine Passion and Expertise: Align your writing with your passions and areas of expertise. AI can enhance your content by refining and improving it, allowing you to create a meaningful and impactful book.
  4. Iterate and Refine with AI: Work iteratively with AI, allowing it to assist in refining your content. AI can provide valuable suggestions and improvements throughout the writing process.
  5. Publish and Share Your Work: Once your book is complete and polished with the aid of AI, explore publishing options. AI can guide you in this process, making it accessible for those with no prior experience.

You’ll also want to join online communities, engage in meaningful conversations, offer valuable input, and showcase your expertise. 

This is the best way to write your book, because when it’s time to sell it, your audience will be waiting for it. Having an engaged audience will be one of your greatest resources. 

Writing a book with no experience has become too easy IF you know what you’re doing with AI. The barriers to entry have diminished.

Get your story out there and share it with us in the comment section below so we can see just how awesome you are. 

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