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Why The Turn Credit Into Cash 5-Day Business Funding Intensive?

In Mindset To Money, the focus is ALWAYS on accelerating the option for members to retire themselves.

The question is what does good credit, SPECIFICALLY a credit score of 680 or above, make available to us, inside of that context?

The answer? $100K OF BUSINESS FUNDING. What can you do with that? BUILD a business? BUY a business? We offer paths in Mindset To Money to help you do either, or both, but it starts with having the funding to be able to do so in the first place.

Personal Credit is the equalizer that can get you business credit and funding, and with that, you can quickly accelerate your ability to increase your earned income, then automated income.

The Turn Credit Into Cash 5-Day Business Funding Intensive gives participants a clear strategy to use the Dispute Panda AI credit platform as their unfair advantage to get their credit score to 680+ as quickly as possible, and a dead simple blueprint to tap into $100K+ of business funding inside of 90 days, once they do.

What's Included?

Turn Credit Into Cash 5-Day Business Funding Intensive

($1197 $697)

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