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The 6 Rings (T6R) Alignment


RING 1: Survival Mode

RING 2: Financial Stability

RING 3: Financial Flexibility

Ring 4: Financial Independence

Ring 5: Financial Autonomy

Ring 6: Generational Wealth

This call is a best fit for individuals who are currently in RING 1: Survival Mode (Check to check. Bills not always paid.), RING 2: Financial Stability (Bills consistently paid. No money left over.), RING 3: Financial Flexibility (Bills consistently paid, generating surplus. Generating little to no automated income from royalties, managed assets, managed online businesses, etc that require zero ongoing time managing people or process), Ring 4: Financial Independence (Actively earning automated income (i.e. – assets and/or simple, unsophisticated online businesses managed by 3rd parties, etc). Automated income covers 50% or more of monthly household expenses), Ring 5: Financial Autonomy (Automated income covers 100% of monthly household expenses + investment capital), and Ring 6: Generational Wealth (Trusts, insurance, private family bank asset protection mechanism and private family office succession structure in place to secure dynastic wealth for generations to come).

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START TIME: Wednesday, 12:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
TOPIC: T6R Author Q&A Call
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