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Mindset To Money is a global membership community of career professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs. We vet qualified opportunities for everyday, regular folks to purchase or invest in unconventional passive income generating asset classes, automated or “run for you” online businesses, off the beaten path private investment opportunities, and non-traditional deal structures that fall into the category of “cash flow investing,” as we define it. Learn how to accelerate your retirement by years or even decades with Mindset To Money.
Perhaps you'll win the lottery. Perhaps you have a huge inheritance coming. Perhaps you already have available lines of credit with tens of thousands of dollars that you can tap into at any time.
If not, in order for the average person to get the investable cash they need, in order to start purchasing passive income generating assets that will pay their living expenses, they need to first increase their earned income. If you're already well-capitalized, you may be in the position to purchase your retirement and attain total financial autonomy in 5 years or less, by adding recurring income streams through buying or building recession-proof businesses, or acquiring passive income generating assets (not limited to traditional real estate investing).

Ross Brunson's Master Class


Over 30 years, Ross Brunson has structured thousands of entities, working with everyone from startup founders to multi-million dollar business owners in countless industries, saving them tens of millions in taxes, safeguarding their businesses, homes, assets, and helping them build legacies of wealth for their families.
Ross is an entrepreneur himself, owning numerous companies in the business support and services space, such as accounting and tax preparation, bookkeeping, insurance, and of course, business entity structuring.
He is unique in helping entrepreneurs because of the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience he offers. He’s akin to a walking Google when it comes to taxes and liability protection for business owners.
Father and wrestling coach to his son, Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels (billion dollar valuation), he’s saved him hundreds of thousands in taxes, and kept the IRS from sending him to jail.

What’s Included In The

M2M Membership

Monthly master classes led by nationally-recognized industry experts, all inside of a focus on 1 of the following 6 areas:
Trainings on how to consciously cultivate the thoughts, words, actions, environments and relationships that align with your goals, financial and otherwise
Trainings on comprehensive common sense investment analysis (no fancy finance degrees or investment experience necessary), investment modeling, and acquiring passive income generating assets or automated recurring revenue generating businesses that align with your personal short and long term financial and investment goals (not just limited to traditional real estate investing)
Trainings on recession-proof side hustles that can generate an additional $1000-$1500 extra every single month, to get out of survival mode
Trainings on recession-proof industry niches where you can generate 4- to 5-figures per month of additional earned income within 6-8 weeks, regardless of your background, education, location, etc
Trainings on business management and growth strategies for optimizing your marketing, automating your sales, and increasing efficiency in daily operations to make revenue growth in your business predictable
Trainings on management of your complete financial picture, including foundational frameworks for budgeting and planning your income, credit, debt, savings and investments

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