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STORY #3: Repossessed By A Rent A Center!?!

My mother would often say to us that “it costs to be poor.”

At the time, I had no idea what this woman was talking about lol. 

My 9 year old brain couldn’t understand the subtleties of what she was saying. All I knew was that I had been asking for a $10 dollar Barbie doll for MONTHS and there wasn’t enough money to get it.

In my lil ignorant, entitled brain all I could think was “Mama you trying to tell me you don’t have $10 raggelly lil dollars!?!”

I never did get that Barbie doll.

Fast forward to my college years at UIUC and I knew exactly what she meant by “it costs to be poor.”

The year was late 1999 or 2000.

Cash Money Records was taking over. 

And I was headed into my 3rd year at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. 

It all started when I had to furnish my apartment at 202 E John Street in Champaign. I didn’t have the money. Back then, unless refund checks were issued in the last 14 days, I never had any money lol.  

There was a Rent A Center around the corner and so I popped in and paid a one week deposit on an all black entertainment center. Back in those days, black and gold seemed to be the theme in everyone’s house and my first apartment would be no different.

This entertainment center was around $19.88 per week for 52 weeks. 

And so I thought to myself that I could surely afford $20 bucks a week for a year, right?

I was wrong lol. 

That $20 weekly bill had me in a CHOKEHOLD y’all. I was struggling every week to pay it. 

And then it got repossessed. 

And I finally had a full understanding of what Mama meant by “it costs to be broke.” Because I had agreed to pay over $1,000 bucks for something I could have bought outright for $200 bucks. 

Womp Womp.

THIS is why it’s important to have an appreciation and thorough understanding of credit as we all navigate our time in the good ole USA.

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