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The offer we’ve made you requires action to claim your FREE BONUS, and has a 72 hour expiration window (see bonus expiration timer at bottom of page).

We’re giving you direct access to the brains BEHIND the product itself. At no additional cost, you have the opportunity to access two 1-hour Q&A calls with an individual who has been a driving force behind (insert your area of expertise and some compelling sum total of measurable outcomes you or your products have helped to generate for clients).

You’ll have access to not one, but TWO (2) one hour, recorded video group Q&A calls, with the person / people who are behind YourCourseName. They will be answering question after question, submitted directly by our clients, about (insert topic that will be covered in the Q&A).



ExpertFirstName ExpertLastName personally (insert whatever they did to either create or contribute to the YourCourseName program, service, process or product) for YourCourseName.

ExpertFirstName is a nationally recognized expert in (insert area of expertise here), and (insert a one-liner that is appropriate from their bio here). 

During their time as (insert current or previous title here), ExpertFirstName (insert impressive bullet-point results for clients or partners that expert’s programs, services, processes or products produced for clients):

  • Measurable outcome 1 
  • Measurable outcome 2
  • Measurable outcome 3




  • This is a ONE-TIME OFFER for this particular free bonus, you will not get it again
  • We check every single referral that comes through, so submitting a secondary email for yourself, or a phony email for a referral is the fastest way to get removed and banned for good from our email list. Remember…we’re curating a community of ETHICAL members
  • Your time frame to make your referral and get the Q&A bonus package began with your submission of the Master Class registration form, and expires in 72 hours
  • You must complete your own Master Class video within the 72 hour time frame allotted for complimentary access
  • DO NOT refer someone with whom you don’t have a CLOSE AND TRUSTED personal relationship. They should be friends, colleagues, clients, partners, etc with whom you have a PERSONAL, TRUSTED relationship
  • Your referral must CURRENTLY be (insert characteristics that would make them your ideal client)
  • Your referral should be a (whatever title or industry your client is in, i.e.- Chef, Entrepreneur, Physical Trainer, etc) who you believe would resonate with the broader vision and mission of what the YourCompanyName community of (insert ideal client description here) stands for
  • If you don’t feel comfortable making a referral, or if you don’t have a close personal relationship with anyone in your circle who would be a fit, that’s fine, this particular bonus just isn’t for you