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The offer we’ve made you requires action to claim your FREE BONUS, and has a 72 hour expiration window (see bonus expiration timer at bottom of page).

We are going to give you direct access to the brains BEHIND the product itself. At no additional cost, you’ll have the opportunity to access a one hour Q and A session with the company founder, Danielle Pierce. Individually, her companies have generated nearly $2 million in revenue in just a few short years. More importantly, she has helped DOZENS of clients establish six figure companies as well. 

During this session, Danielle answers question after question about the industry, the pros and cons, the requirements to be successful and also the pitfalls that should be avoided. 


Here’s some more deets…

Danielle is the mastermind behind this product offering and has nearly 200 testimonials to back that up. 

She’s also a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and has been featured in multiple publications including Black Enterprise and other nationally recognized publications. 

Over the past several years, she has:

  • Assisted dozens of individuals with establishing their business
  • Provided detailed, clear blueprints on how to fast track the client’s business
  • Helped one client achieve nearly $250k in revenue within the first 24 months in operation


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  • Your time frame to make your referral and get the Q&A bonus package began with your submission of the Master Class registration form, and expires in 72 hours
  • You must complete your own Master Class video within the 72 hour time frame allotted for complimentary access
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  • Your referral must CURRENTLY be currently be in the real estate industry seeking alternative ways to earn more money while working with less clients
  • Your referral should be an entrepreneur who you believe would resonate with the broader vision of the Real Estate Profit Lab community
  • If you don’t feel comfortable making a referral, or if you don’t have a close personal relationship with anyone in your circle who would be a fit, that’s fine, this particular bonus just isn’t for you