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STORY #4: One THOUSAND Video Testimonials?!?

Credit repair experts fall into pretty much the same category as used car salesmen, life insurance salesmen and handymen.

Lots of folks are generally apprehensive about them, and a commonly accepted belief is that they can’t be trusted and will promise you the moon and deliver you a pile of rocks instead. #facts

The entire INDUSTRY is rife with scams, shady business practices and outright illegal tactics like the highly touted 609 letter. (google it)

You have to be MORE than careful once you actually decide to pay someone to repair your credit, because the results can be totally inconsistent and unpredictable, even from the same person.

I’ve only hired someone one time to repair my credit.

11 months after starting, there was only ONE difference between my credit reports from 11 months prior. I was so irritated and annoyed by the entire process.

But my business partner Thomas has used that exact same person not once, but 2 separate times, close to 15 years apart between those 2 engagements, and in both cases he saw significant results, and quickly bumped up into the 700+ score range.

Totally different than my experience with them, where all of my score increases were due to things that I had personally done on my own time. 

So, I cut ties with that company.

Cuz, what you won’t do is waste my time AND money AND give me a bunch of excuses. Tuh!

Like me, I’m sure you’re super leery about credit repair. 

This is why Thomas and I were so pleasantly surprised to hear that Dominique has amassed over one THOUSAND testimonials. And many of these folks got on video which is usually very challenging to pull off.

Dominique’s software is changing the game. 

Instead of months of back and forth emails and phone calls, his software analyzes your personal data and spits out your personalized solution…all within mere seconds.

From there, all you have to do is push a button and the entire automated dispute process is initiated.

But be clear, this only works because Dominique had years of success working in the industry and becoming an expert’s expert in consumer credit repair and building.

Every bit of that industry knowledge being baked into the software platform is what makes it so good.

At Your Service,
Danielle Pierce



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