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One Late Payment Drops Your Credit 50 Points!

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STORY #6: One Late Payment Drops Your Credit 50 Points!

Years ago, I was checking out at Macy’s which is one of my absolute favorite stores.

And just like always, they asked if I wanted to put my purchases on my Macy’s card.

I told the cashier that I didn’t have one and, as always, she asked if I wanted to apply.

99% of the time, I avoid these cash register last minute credit card offers.

But, on this day, I said YES and so did they!

Now, what they go and do that for lol? Instant Christmas.

Maaaaan I paid for that stuff, put the card in my wallet, went home and promptly forgot about ERRTHANG. 

Approximately 45 days later, I was reviewing my credit report and there was a late payment reporting from that damn Macy’s!

I was FURIOUS at myself.

At the time, I’d been working on increasing my score and that single late payment dropped me 40 points on one bureau and 50 points on another. 

I tried everything to get that late notation removed. 

I tried the stuff people say in the YouTube videos. 

I called and pleaded my case with Macy’s. 

I disputed with the credit bureaus. 

Nothing worked. And that late payment stayed on my report for years. 


Back then, I didn’t know the 5 components that make up the credit scoring model. 

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