#SMALLBIZCEO WEEKLY UPDATE #8: “I’m thankful for…” (Fri, 11/24/23)

Co-Founder of Mindset To Money, Thomas K.R. Stovall here, and this is my weekly CEO update – THANKSGIVING EDITION.

But first, please accept my apology. On last week’s update, I accidentally linked the wrong video, so even though I sent it, y’all never got it!

I’m including last week’s update below, AND this week’s update in today’s email.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and in this week’s Mindset To Money CEO Update, I share ONE thing I’m thinking, and ONE thing M2M is doing.

Here’s a quick peek behind the red curtain, this is gonna be a longer one, but if you’re a business owner who is looking for notes on systems thinking that allows you to manage dozens of employees across your business effectively, right from your phone, you may get value from this week’s update.


  1. Such a blessing at 44 years old to LOVE what I do, and genuinely be giddy and excited like a little kid to get back to my work each day…


  1. Mindset To Money is a tiny company, but we have big ambitions. We’re looking to create a world class experience for the experts we feature, as well as our community of subscribers and members with the way we approach our Featured Expert Master Classes. Here’s how…

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