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Consider this your official welcome to the Mindset To Money membership. Now let’s all work toward our collective goal of total financial autonomy in 5 years or less, together!

Community Access Emails

STEP 1: Check your inbox and you should have already received the email seen in the screenshot below, with subject title "[MINDSET TO MONEY] Welcome! Here's How To Access Your Member Dashboard..."

Follow the instructions in the email to create your account and log in to the M2M Members Dashboard.
STEP 2: Check your inbox and you should have already received the email seen in the screenshot below, with subject title "[MINDSET TO MONEY] Access Your Private Members Group (Facebook)."

Follow the instructions in the email to get access to the private Facebook group for PAID Mindset To Money Members.

M2M Members Dashboard

STEP 1: Once you're logged in to the M2M Members Dashboard, check out the Financial Autonomy vs Financial Freedom page
STEP 2: Visit the Create Your Financial Autonomy Plan page, and complete the five (5) foundational steps that we tell every single member are critical to take as they begin their journey to financial autonomy with Mindset To Money.
STEP 3: Check out The 6 Rings aka The Money Cycle page, to understand where you are on your financial journey and what actions, asset purchases or business purchases you need in order to "Ring Up" to the next level.
STEP 4: As long as your membership is active and in good standing, you can access all past, present and future M2M Master Classes in our six (6) foundational areas: MINDSET, INVEST, HUSTLE, EARN, INCREASE, MANAGE.
STEP 5: Check out our calendar of upcoming Mindset To Money events.
STEP 6: Add your headshot, complete your profile, and find resources, opportunities and like-minded people through the Global M2M Membership Network.
STEP 7: Watch recordings of The 6 RINGS Neverending Ebook Membership Calls to get a bird's eye view of Thomas and Danielle's personal approach to business, finances, investments, personal development and how they are striving to live an aligned life, while balancing it all.
STEP 8: Check out the Resources page for custom budgeting templates, detailed investment analysis tools for buying or investing in businesses or companies, managing loans to loved ones, and more.

Deliberate Actions VS Good Intensions

Upon submitting your initial application for access to the private Facebook Group for paid M2M members, you shared specific goals that you have for your first year of Mindset To Money Membership.
Inside of 1-year in Mindset To Money, with the resources we provide, one can create 4- to 5-figures of passive income or automated recurring revenue quickly.
With our $21 ebook, Baby Steps to Financial Autonomy, we give 30+ recession-proof side hustles to generate $1000-$1500 extra per month, every month, even if you're starting off in Ring 1: Survival Mode with absolutely $0 in your bank account, to level up from there.
There are a variety of qualified offers for programs, financial education and business purchase opportunities that M2M makes available to members to immediately level up their earned income or passive income, depending on what their goals are. Take advantage of those right away and throughout your first year of membership, otherwise, what are you here for? See you on the other side.
At Your Service,
Thomas K.R. Stovall & Danielle Pierce

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