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Mindset To Money curates business and investment opportunities to help our members replace their earned income with automated income in 5 years or less, regardless of what’s in their bank accounts today.

We bring our members grounded, brass tacks trainings across six (6) different categories, to help them progress on their journey to Financial Autonomy. Our promise to members? NO FANCY DEGREES OR PREVIOUS INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY – start wherever you are. We keep it simple.

We Spotlight The Best In The Country In Mindset, Business, Finance, Investment And Legacy Wealth Planning. Is that you?

RESULTS: Earnest Epps

$460K in 3 hours,
$1.33M in less than 90 days…

In a Master Class on 8/24/22, we featured Earnest Epps with a training on how to “purchase your retirement” by “buying an automated income stream” with a high-ticket ecommerce business.

We made a special offer at the end of that Master Class at, for attendees to tap into between $39,991 – $90,000 worth of M2M negotiated bonuses to purchase 1 of 4 “Run For You” or “Done For You” that Earnest’s company, High Ticket ECom Success Systems (HTES) offers to build and run high-ticket ecommerce stores for people.

The campaign was 7 days total on email + social media, with zero ad spend, and that offer was available for only 3 hours. We did $460,000 in sales during that 3-hour time span. Over 90 days, we hosted 3 of these master classes that generated $1.33M cash in closed sales.

The Bottom Line

RESULTS: Danielle Pierce

$30K in 5 hours…

When we started M2M, we hosted our first 90-minute Mindset To Money Master Class, featuring our own Danielle Pierce with a training on creating a 6-figure business in 12-18 months in the Property Preservation industry as an initial test.

We made a special offer at the end of that Master Class at, for attendees to leverage a $700 scholarship to purchase the full Property Preservation Mastery online course, and that also included a 1-year Mindset To Money membership.

The campaign was 5 days total, with zero ad spend, and that scholarship was available for only 5 hours. We did $30,000 in sales during that 5-hour time span.

The Bottom Line

Expectation Settting:

This is all a test...

M2M Featured Expert Areas Of Focus

Monthly master classes led by nationally-recognized industry experts, all inside of a focus on 1 of the following 6 areas:

M2M Featured Expert Promo Campaign:

7-10 days over social and via email

Promo Content

Mindset To Money executes a 7-10 day promotional campaign via social media and our email list, highlighting you as a featured expert in your industry niche

The promo campaign for you as a featured expert will include daily shareable posts and stories. See examples —>> HERE

Final Sales Profit Split

Digital Product

Split: 50/50 split on NET sales (minus credit card fees, refunds, and chargebacks)

High-Ticket, White Glove Service

Split: Between 25-50% on NET sales, depending on the offer (customers are directed to pay via wire or ACH)

The Narrative:

"Mindset To Money has negotiated a SPECIAL scholarship for our members to                           (your company’s program / community), and you won’t find this pricing anywhere else online..."

Mindset To Money Long Term Vision:

How you and your program fit into the big picture...

Our intention is to make sure that every single member in the Mindset To Money membership community does 5 foundational things during their 1-year membership term, outlined —>> HERE

If we do our job, and if members do theirs, within 12 months of joining the Mindset To Money community, they will have doubled their earned income, putting them in a position to start year 2 off with surplus, as they turn their attention toward starting or growing their investment portfolio.

As members grow their surplus, and begin to put more structures in place for their future, and the future of their family, more strategic ways to acquire passive income generating assets and or automated recurring revenue generating businesses WHILE also satisfying other conditions of life will predictably emerge, one being “accessing business funding” to purchase more assets or businesses, and larger assets or businesses.

We want your 90-minute master class to be a relatable, deep dive into your industry niche

If you have interest in being a Mindset To Money Featured Expert and hosting a Master Class for our members inside of your expert niche, please complete the form below to start the onboarding process.

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M2M FEATURED EXPERT: Onboarding Process

What we need from you to be considered for a Mindset To Money Featured Expert promo partnership:
We will need to have all items on this list for review at least 14 days prior to the date we are set to begin your M2M featured expert promo campaign for your master class.

Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, Max. file size: 256 MB.
Earnest Epps is an international speaker, digital marketing entrepreneur, and the CEO of High Ticket eCom Secrets. With 10+ years of marketing and sales experience, Earnest combined both offline and online marketing strategies to create a marketing powerhouse for running successful e-commerce businesses.

Earnest was a prisoner to the typical 9-5 cubicle life that most people live their entire lives pursuing, but was able to break those chains by figuring out all the hidden secrets of dropshipping. Through very simple and predictable methods for building a dropshipping business, Earnest is able to run his businesses from anywhere in the world and spend time with his wife and four boys. With profits of his students collectively exceeding $50,000,000+ to date, he’s also taught thousands of entrepreneurs around the world how to do the same with their families.
Track Record (see example in Earnest Epps’ track record below)*
3-5 measurable outcomes that you have produced in your own life, that you have produced for clients, or that clients have produced for themselves as a result of working with you directly or participating in your online programs
  • Generated his first $1 Million in a year at the age of 28 with no venture capital backing or funding
  • Has helped 25+ people make $1 Million+ a year in their online ecommerce business
  • Has helped 200+ people make $100K+ a year in their online ecommerce business
  • Has spoken in 10+ countries with crowds as large as 5000+
  • Has trained hundreds of thousands of people around the globe
Links to any “As Seen In” Publications / Articles*
A link or access to review the slides and content that will be included in the master class presentation (3-5 topics)*
A link or access to review the content that will be included in the full program offer or service offer that will be made to M2M members at the conclusion of the master class*
1-sentence detail of exact promise for measurable outcome that will be achieved as a result of customers/clients buying your offer, and completing the program as designed
Short 1- to 2-sentence paragraph overview of description of your full program / service goes here

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