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As the owner of Flyy Credit Solutions, Jeri Simone Toliver is a Certified credit expert and financial literacy advocate who is known for educating, empowering and supporting consumers in financial advancement through the power of dynamic programming and education.
Prior to starting Flyy Credit, Jeri struggled with poor personal credit scores as a result of credit card debt she accumulated in college, medical debt after childbirth, paying bills late, and having a poor understanding of the credit system.
Because of these struggles, Jeri has dedicated herself to providing personal credit, business credit, and money management coaching, courses, and workshops for hard-working consumers and entrepreneurs to promote economic advancement and drive positive conversations about credit.
Jeri has helped thousands of students secure homeownership, become debt free, lower their interest rates, grow their businesses, and develop positive relationships with credit that create sustainable financial success.
Jeri has delivered hundreds of presentations to young adults, adults and entrepreneurs. Her educational, interactive, and down-to-earth approach captivates the hearts and ears of her audience, while motivating them to take action through practical and proven teachings.

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