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FICO Score = I Love Debt Score!

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STORY #7: FICO Score = I Love Debt Score!

So Dave Ramsey says that your credit score = an I Love Debt score. He says that the actual scores are irrelevant and not a true indicator of your financial well being…

Is he right?

Well…I mean, kinda yes and kinda no. 

He’s right in the sense that the FICO score does measure your ability to acquire and repay debt. 

Not even 6 months ago, I received an alert that my score was lower due to NOT having mortgage debt lol. (I’ve since remedied that by the way). 

I have also received alerts warning me that my score was suffering because I wasn’t using the only credit card I had at the time.

To be honest, at times, it feels like there IS no way to figure out what these scores want lol. 

Now, where I think Dave is wrong is in the blanket assumptions that all credit cards are worthless debt traps. 

Just like anything else, there is no one size fits all solution. 

If you’re cash strapped, juggling credit cards, robbing Peter to pay Paul and carrying thousands of dollars in credit card debt, then please go listen to Dave.

But on the other hand, if you’re managing your finances well, have some disposable income, understand and pay attention to statement dates vs reporting dates, and you actually study the credit cards available and choose them for specific strategic reasons…the sky is the limit. Literally.

I’m in some of the credit groups on Facebook and some of these folks are MASTERS at the credit game. 

Some have collected six figures in credit to acquire real estate and other investments. 

Some use sign up bonuses and transfer bonuses to collect free travel and hotel stays for FREE

There are levels to this.

And the one thing I didn’t fully understand when I filed bankruptcy is that your score can and will recover but that stigma does linger. 

For the last year or so, I could not get a SINGLE quality credit card even though I’d reached a 700+ again. 

I kept getting denied for the bankruptcy which was discharged and paid off 4 years early. 

Most recently, I was denied an Amazon Prime card backed by Chase. I was so damn irritated considering how much money of mine Chase is holding lol.

So, I decided to try the reconsideration line and plead my case with an actual human. 

And that denial was reversed and now ya girl has crossed over the threshold into the Chase ecosystem….again.

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