Property Preservation Mastery

"Done For You" Special Offer Below Expires Midnight On Friday, 1/27/23

($6,308 in bonuses)

"Done For You" Special Offer Below Expires Midnight On Friday, 1/27/23 ($3,035 Value)

The Conditions Are:

  1. Must have completed 100% of course inside Kajabi inside of 90 days
  2. Must get at least 90% of questions correct in the Bid Readiness quiz
  3. Must have created your business entity with your Secretary of State
  4. Must have Obtained your G/L and E/O insurance
  5. Must show proof of having applied for vendor status with no less than 5 companies, and the application date of the 5th company must be at least 60 days prior to date of requested refund
  6. Must show proof of having submitted at least 5 bids for contracts
For any student who follows our process and does each of those things, in the proper order, IF YOU HAVE NOT MADE MONEY IN PROPERTY PRESERVATION by that time, we will give you a 100% refund on your purchase, period. That's how confident we are in our process.
***All purchases subject to our Terms and Conditions of Online Sales***

What’s Included In The

M2M Membership?

Monthly Master Classes and Trainings led by nationally-recognized industry experts in business, investment, finance and personal development, across 6 areas:
Consciously cultivate the thoughts, words, actions, environments and relationships that align with your goals, financial and otherwise
Comprehensive, common sense strategies focused on non-traditional investments (not real estate investing) in simple, unsophisticated online businesses that produce automated income, and require none of your personal time or energy to own and manage (no fancy degrees or investment experience necessary)
Recession-proof side hustles that generate an additional $1000-$1500 extra every single month, to get out of survival mode
Recession-proof industry niches to generate 4- to 5-figures per month of additional earned income within 6-8 weeks, regardless of your background, education, location, etc
Business management and growth strategies for optimizing your marketing, automating your sales, and increasing efficiency in daily operations to make revenue growth in your business predictable
Proactively manage your complete financial picture, including foundational frameworks for budgeting and planning your income, credit, debt, savings and investments
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Financial Autonomy vs Financial Autonomy

A New Way to Think About “Passive Income” & Funding Your Retirement

In M2M, we define financial autonomy as the point when your "passive income and / or automated recurring revenue covers all monthly household expenses + lifestyle expenses."
When you reach financial autonomy, it means that you have purchased enough passive income generating assets and or automated recurring revenue generating businesses such that the AUTOMATED money you bring in every month meets and exceeds your monthly living expenses (survival) plus your monthly lifestyle expenses (leisure). We call that figure your "financial autonomy figure," or FAF for short.

Our primary focus in M2M is on identifying and vetting unconventional asset classes, investment opportunities, business acquisitions and deal structures that fall into the category of “cash flow investing,” and showing our members how to begin tapping into those opportunities right now, regardless of how modest your current financial starting point may be. When we're talking financial AUTONOMY, that means that the AUTOMATED money that your assets, investments and businesses bring in each month requires NONE of your time or energy, and NO management of people or processes for it to come inbound every single day.
For background, we view passive investment income in 2 buckets - Passive | Passive Income, and Active | Passive Income. We view recurring business revenue in 2 buckets - Passive | Recurring Revenue, and Active | Recurring Revenue.

Here’s how we distinguish those. For a Passive income generating asset to generate income for us (investment), or a Recurring revenue generating business to generate revenue for us (in the context of a company we own, we will ultimately pay ourselves a portion of the revenue as income), if we have to put our brain on it, or our time on it, even in limited capacity, we view that as Active | Passive Income or Active | Recurring Revenue. If we've got to do any training, managing, thinking, etc, either up front or ongoingly, that's Active | Passive Income or Active | Recurring Revenue.
If we can just purchase the asset, invest in the deal, or buy the business, and there is ZERO up front or ongoing thinking (outside of due diligence prior to purchasing that asset, acquiring that business, or investing in that opportunity), action or maintenance from us required in any capacity in order to receive that passive income or recurring revenue, we view that as Passive | Passive Income or Passive | Recurring Revenue.

Now with that said, our intent is for each member to understand the importance of knowing their FAF, as their first step. Once the FAF is calculated, the gap between your Financial Autonomy Figure (FAF) and the amount of AUTOMATED passive income plus NET recurring revenue that you currently bring in monthly is your “FAF Gap.”

In the Mindset To Money membership community, you'll identify the answers to 5 critical questions as step 1 toward Financial Autonomy:

1. What is your Monthly FAF?
Use the M2M Budget Template --->> HERE to identify your FAF
Your Financial Autonomy Figure (FAF) is the total of your monthly living expenses (survival) plus your monthly lifestyle expenses (leisure)
2. What is your Monthly FAF Gap?
The gap between your Financial Autonomy Figure (FAF) and the amount of AUTOMATED passive income plus NET recurring revenue that you currently bring in monthly is your “FAF Gap”
3. By what date do you plan to have achieved? (TFA Date)
In order to identify your pathway and exact timeline for "buying automated revenue streams," you need to CHOOSE a TFA Date, and commit to it. Whether that is 2 years from now, or 5 years from now, this is your line in sand date where you plan to achieve Total Financial Autonomy. This TFA Date will guide all your purchase and investment decisions and timelines
4. What is your Total Financial Autonomy (TFA) Plan?
In order to retire yourself early, you'll need to achieve Total Financial Autonomy (TFA). Based on your current resources (time, cash on hand, available credit, credit score, current income, etc), whether it's purchasing vetted opportunities we make available inside M2M, or finding your own opportunities, identify what your fastest route is to be able to "buy AUTOMATED revenue streams" as your next step
5. What is your Financial Autonomy goal for your 1st year of M2M Membership? (Year 1 FAB)
Look out 12 months from now, and picture yourself at the end of your 1st year of membership. How much of your FAF Gap do you plan to have closed by the end of year 1 of your M2M membership? We call that your Year 1 Financial Autonomy Benchmark (Year 1 FAB)
We want to see members purchasing passive income generating assets and automated recurring revenue generating businesses with intention, inside of a measured and exact plan to close their FAF Gap with AUTOMATED money, to get to a place of "Total Financial Autonomy" by a defined date (TFA Date).

We invite you to take control of your financial future as well as the financial future of generations of your family to come, by becoming a member of the Mindset To Money global community.

We don't take it lightly that our national community of M2M members are putting their trust in us to vet and recommend opportunities to purchase passive income generating assets, buy automated recurring revenue generating businesses, and invest in off the beaten path opportunities that, to the untrained eye, could easily be perceived as "risky."

We do a tremendous amount of due diligence on our end, so we can know that the opportunities and offers we bring to our members are what we would consider truly on the lower end of the risk spectrum, in the way that the Mindset To Money community evaluates risk and ROI.

When we talk about ways to "purchase your retirement" by "buying automated revenue streams," we understand that this is a very specific narrative, and a novel concept. In the Mindset To Money community, we don’t throw around generic catch-all terms like “financial autonomy,” that have no defined way to objectively measure what that end point looks like, or how to get there.

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