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While you wait, we’ve compiled a series of interviews with different Property Preservation Mastery students around the country below, to discuss how their investment in the Property Preservation Mastery program has impacted their life and lifestyle.
Time freedom. Financial freedom. Sustainable income through the pandemic. Being able to retire from their jobs and pursue their dreams. All the way down to folks who just make an extra $5K – $10K/mo, and still keep their day jobs. You’ll hear about it all.

Give yourself the gift of a recession-proof business, and a predictable, pandemic-proof income.

As you’ll see in this video series, for the students who are serious about their business, this program can easily pay for itself within weeks. How long it takes is totally up to you.
With 300+ five star reviews across Google, Facebook, and our course platform, all the proof you need is there that our claims are real. Anywhere in the country, this is a 6-figure, recession-proof business all day long, if you’re willing to do the work.
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Feature Interview - Tracee Finley-elliott (12/22/20)

“Tracee Made $250K & Doubled Household Income Within 2 Years…” (37 mins, 25 secs)
Quick overview of Tracee’s story:
  • Does the business with her husband Ray
  • *Ray kept his 9-5, while they doubled their household income within 2 years with Property Preservation
  • *They’ve since started 2 new businesses, a cleaning company, and a maintenance company, all stemming from getting into Property Preservation

Feature Interview - Jasmine Joydae (12/21/20)

“Received TWO Contracts Before Finishing The Program” (25 mins, 28 secs)
Quick overview of Jasmine’s story:
  • *Received first TWO contracts before she even finished the course
  • *Mom
  • *Wife
  • *Boss
  • *Didn’t know a lot about preservation, but says the Property Preservation Mastery program made it really easy for her to get started

Feature Interview - Patricia Nowell (12/20/20)

“A Single Contractor ALMOST Ruined Her Business…” (26 mins, 14 secs)
Quick overview of Patricia’s story:
  • *Works with her daughter in the business
  • *Ran into a major issue with a contractor that temporarily halted her business
  • *Successfully re-launched her property preservation business and regained any lost ground

Feature Interview - Michelle Footman (12/19/20)

“You Can’t Fail If You Follow The Blueprint…” (17 mins, 21 secs)
Quick Overview of Michelle’s Story:
  • * 30 years old
  • * Property Preservation is her very FIRST business and it allowed her to quit her job
  • * She’s built a solid team of subs
  • * Multiple 4-figure months all during the pandemic
  • * Michelle says that you can’t fail if you follow our blueprint

Feature Interview - Lethia Wooten (12/18/20)

“Property Preservation Allowed Lethia To Make A Way Out of No Way…” (36 mins, 51 secs)
Quick Overview of Lethia’s Story:
  • *Mom of 3
  • *Wife
  • *Owner of Lethia Wooten Property Preservation
  • *Covers NY (Nassau and Suffolk counties)
  • *Still receiving work during the pandemic
  • *One sentence that can describe her philosophy is this: “Scared money don’t make money”
Lethia credits her property preservation company with giving her her confidence back.

Feature Interview - Tiffany Joyner (12/17/20)

“Property Preservation Doesn’t Work – Unless You Grind Like Tiffany” (22 mins, 43 secs)
Quick Overview of Tiffany’s Story:
  • *Works the business full-time with her husband
  • *Hubby has a 9 to 5, Tiffany does not
  • *November and December 2020 were her best months in preservation
  • *Mom of 2
  • *Formerly worked in medical field
  • *Partners with family to get work assignments done
  • *Immediate goal: get in position so her husband can leave his 9 to 5

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