Learn How To Create A 6-Figure Property Preservation Business In 12-18 Months

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What Will The Master Class Cover?

During the call, Danielle Pierce will cover the foundational things you need to know to establish a recession-proof, predictable 6-figure income in the little known niche of property preservation, with no buying, no selling and no investing required. Learn How To Create A 6-Figure Property Preservation Business In 12-18 Months.​

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The 6 Rings (T6R) Alignment

BEST FIT: RING 2: Survival Mode RING 3: Financial Flexibility RING 4: Financial Independence
This Master Class and Danielle’s full Property Preservation Mastery online course are a best fit for individuals who are currently in RING 3: Financial Flexibility (bills consistently paid, a little money left over), looking to “ring up” to RING 4: Financial Independence (generating surplus, actively purchasing passive income generating assets). This determination has been made because starting a Property Preservation business requires approximately $2000 for hard costs in general.
Property Preservation is not a magic bullet, and our assessment is that individuals still in RING 2: Financial Stability (bills consistently paid, but no money left over) might have a tough time scraping together the initial hard costs, and having enough financial flexibility to make it through the initial setup phase of the business. In our experience, new Property Preservation vendors typically don’t begin getting awarded contracts and making money until 4-8 weeks into the process, after setting up their business.

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Mindset To Money Monthly Master Classes are complimentary for M2M members, and $147 per Master Class for non-members.
Watch The Master Class
MINDSET TO MONEY MASTER CLASS SERIES: Learn How To Create A 6-Figure Property Preservation Business In 12-18 Months With Danielle Pierce, Hosted by M2M Program Ambassador – Whitney Bonds

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What’s Included In The

M2M Membership

Monthly master classes led by nationally-recognized industry experts, all inside of a focus on 1 of the following 6 areas:
Trainings on how to consciously cultivate the thoughts, words, actions, environments and relationships that align with your goals, financial and otherwise
Trainings on comprehensive common sense investment analysis (no fancy finance degrees or investment experience necessary), investment modeling, and acquiring passive income generating assets or automated recurring revenue generating businesses that align with your personal short and long term financial and investment goals (not just limited to traditional real estate investing)
Trainings on recession-proof side hustles that can generate an additional $1000-$1500 extra every single month, to get out of survival mode
Trainings on recession-proof industry niches where you can generate 4- to 5-figures per month of additional earned income within 6-8 weeks, regardless of your background, education, location, etc
Trainings on business management and growth strategies for optimizing your marketing, automating your sales, and increasing efficiency in daily operations to make revenue growth in your business predictable
Trainings on management of your complete financial picture, including foundational frameworks for budgeting and planning your income, credit, debt, savings and investments


The 6 Rings

Ebook & Neverending Ebook Membership

You may not have the ability to pay $50,000/yr to be in the Investor Mastermind that the two of us are in, but you can get direct access to the new strategies and tactics we learn, the new insights we have in our lives as a result, and how our learnings impact our financial plans and actions.
As we publish new chapters, and edit old ones, you’ll be able to provide feedback, ask clarifying questions about the content, and participate in curated Q&A conversations about the book with Danielle and Thomas, in an intimate private group format.
You’ll be on that financial learning journey with us forever, because this book will ALWAYS be a work that is being updated and renewed, as we continue to learn and grow.

Financial Autonomy vs Financial Freedom

A New Way to Think About “Passive Income” & Funding Your Retirement

In M2M, we define financial autonomy as the point when your "passive income and / or automated recurring revenue covers all monthly household expenses + lifestyle expenses."
In M2M, we define financial autonomy as the point when your "passive income and / or automated recurring revenue covers all monthly household expenses + lifestyle expenses."
When you reach financial autonomy, it means that you have purchased enough passive income generating assets and or automated recurring revenue generating businesses such that the AUTOMATED money you bring in every month meets and exceeds your monthly living expenses (survival) plus your monthly lifestyle expenses (leisure). We call that figure your "financial autonomy figure," or FAF for short.

Our primary focus in M2M is on identifying and vetting unconventional asset classes, investment opportunities, business acquisitions and deal structures that fall into the category of “cash flow investing,” and showing our members how to begin tapping into those opportunities right now, regardless of how modest your current financial starting point may be. When we're talking financial AUTONOMY, that means that the AUTOMATED money that your assets, investments and businesses bring in each month requires NONE of your time or energy, and NO management of people or processes for it to come inbound every single day.
For background, we view passive investment income in 2 buckets - Passive | Passive Income, and Active | Passive Income. We view recurring business revenue in 2 buckets - Passive | Recurring Revenue, and Active | Recurring Revenue.

Here’s how we distinguish those. For a Passive income generating asset to generate income for us (investment), or a Recurring revenue generating business to generate revenue for us (in the context of a company we own, we will ultimately pay ourselves a portion of the revenue as income), if we have to put our brain on it, or our time on it, even in limited capacity, we view that as Active | Passive Income or Active | Recurring Revenue. If we've got to do any training, managing, thinking, etc, either up front or ongoingly, that's Active | Passive Income or Active | Recurring Revenue.
If we can just purchase the asset, invest in the deal, or buy the business, and there is ZERO up front or ongoing thinking (outside of due diligence prior to purchasing that asset, acquiring that business, or investing in that opportunity), action or maintenance from us required in any capacity in order to receive that passive income or recurring revenue, we view that as Passive | Passive Income or Passive | Recurring Revenue.

Now with that said, our intent is for each member to understand the importance of knowing their FAF, as their first step. Once the FAF is calculated, the gap between your Financial Autonomy Figure (FAF) and the amount of AUTOMATED passive income plus NET recurring revenue that you currently bring in monthly is your “FAF Gap.”

In the Mindset To Money membership community, you'll identify the answers to 5 critical questions as step 1 toward Financial Autonomy:

1. What is your Monthly FAF?
Use the M2M Budget Template --->> HERE to identify your FAF
Your Financial Autonomy Figure (FAF) is the total of your monthly living expenses (survival) plus your monthly lifestyle expenses (leisure)
2. What is your Monthly FAF Gap?
The gap between your Financial Autonomy Figure (FAF) and the amount of AUTOMATED passive income plus NET recurring revenue that you currently bring in monthly is your “FAF Gap”
3. By what date do you plan to have achieved? (TFA Date)
In order to identify your pathway and exact timeline for "buying automated revenue streams," you need to CHOOSE a TFA Date, and commit to it. Whether that is 2 years from now, or 5 years from now, this is your line in sand date where you plan to achieve Total Financial Autonomy. This TFA Date will guide all your purchase and investment decisions and timelines
4. What is your Total Financial Autonomy (TFA) Plan?
In order to retire yourself early, you'll need to achieve Total Financial Autonomy (TFA). Based on your current resources (time, cash on hand, available credit, credit score, current income, etc), whether it's purchasing vetted opportunities we make available inside M2M, or finding your own opportunities, identify what your fastest route is to be able to "buy AUTOMATED revenue streams" as your next step
5. What is your Financial Autonomy goal for your 1st year of M2M Membership? (Year 1 FAB)
Look out 12 months from now, and picture yourself at the end of your 1st year of membership. How much of your FAF Gap do you plan to have closed by the end of year 1 of your M2M membership? We call that your Year 1 Financial Autonomy Benchmark (Year 1 FAB)
We want to see members purchasing passive income generating assets and automated recurring revenue generating businesses with intention, inside of a measured and exact plan to close their FAF Gap with AUTOMATED money, to get to a place of "Total Financial Autonomy" by a defined date (TFA Date).

We invite you to take control of your financial future as well as the financial future of generations of your family to come, by becoming a member of the Mindset To Money global community.

We don't take it lightly that our national community of M2M members are putting their trust in us to vet and recommend opportunities to purchase passive income generating assets, buy automated recurring revenue generating businesses, and invest in off the beaten path opportunities that, to the untrained eye, could easily be perceived as "risky."

We do a tremendous amount of due diligence on our end, so we can know that the opportunities and offers we bring to our members are what we would consider truly on the lower end of the risk spectrum, in the way that the Mindset To Money community evaluates risk and ROI.

When we talk about ways to "purchase your retirement" by "buying automated revenue streams," we understand that this is a very specific narrative, and a novel concept. In the Mindset To Money community, we don’t throw around generic catch-all terms like “financial freedom,” that have no defined way to objectively measure what that end point looks like, or how to get there.

The Money Cycle

In making just about every mistake imaginable over our 2 decades long entrepreneurial journey, we’ve discovered that there is a simple, basic flow to what things need to be handled or put in place, and in what order each of those things needs to be addressed, to consistently progress financially.
We call it the “Money Cycle,” or as you’ll also see us refer to it – THE 6 RINGS.
Without first understanding which of the 6 rings you’re currently inside of within the Money Cycle, it’s exponentially harder to progress financially and “ring up” within it.
Once you locate which of the 6 rings you’re currently in, it’s much easier to identify which types of tools, resources, programs, business opportunities and investments are and ARE NOT a fit for YOUR unique financial goals, given YOUR unique set of current circumstances (time, specialized knowledge, money, network, etc).

The Money Cycle (i.e.- The 6 Rings)

Wherever you are in the Money Cycle, whether it’s Ring 1: Survival Mode or Ring 6: Generational Wealth / Legacy, we have programs, tools, resources and relationships to support and align with you on your journey.

What's Included

Neverending Ebook Membership:

Mindset To Money


Hey this is Thomas, and here’s why you may want to think twice about skimming this page…
Hi, I’m Thomas K.R. Stovall. Together with my business partner, Danielle Pierce, we created Mindset To Money. I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for close to 25 years, and Danielle is a 15+ year entrepreneur.
We created the Mindset To Money membership community for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who also share the common goal of creating total financial autonomy for themselves and their families, within 5 years or less, regardless of their financial starting point.

Who is

Thomas K.R. Stovall

My Family v1.0
My Family v2.0

Who is

Danielle Pierce

This is a lot to take in. Let’s recap, shall we?

My Shadow
Old Man Trapped in Lil Boy LOL
The One Who Knows EVERYTHING


The Power Of Proximity

We’re in a $50,000/yr investor mastermind with 100 top income earners from around the world…

Look, we do fine financially, but I am NOT rich. Danielle is NOT rich. Not even close.
Over many years, we have simply sacrificed and made hard choices, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into our education as business owners. This is what got us to the place where we had enough surplus capital to invest in the first place.
More recently, in 2021, we invested into our FINANCIAL education. We joined an investor mastermind that costs $50,000/yr per person for membership, to learn “passive income” investing, alongside 100 or so top 1% earners in the country.
6 months later we’d both purchased enough passive income generating assets to cover our monthly household expenses, without requiring a single bit of work from us to manage them.
In April 2022, I made a post in that investor mastermind group, set up one phone call, and raised close to $1,000,000 in a couple weeks for a $10,000,000 Bitcoin Mining Fund a friend and colleague of mine recently put together. Proximity.
We’re in a private mastermind with 100 of the top online marketers in the country…
Unlike the $50,000/yr investor mastermind, you can’t even pay for access to this particular mastermind.
It’s a private, hidden group, and not only do you have to be invited by a current member to even know it exists, your application must be voted on and approved by existing members.
This isn’t just a group of pretty good “online gurus.” This is a collection of LEGENDARY coaches, trainers and course creators running 7- and 8-figure companies WHOSE NAMES YOU KNOW.
This group of entrepreneurs collectively makes hundreds of millions of dollars online per year.
In this private mastermind, we share and learn best practices freely with and from each other, to continue growing our businesses and creating lives that we love.
The type of information that is shared in line item detail in this group, people outside of the group pay ungodly amounts of money to get access to in private coaching programs. PROXIMITY.

Our Network Grows Your Net Worth

For our Mindset To Money members, we host monthly master classes led by some of the foremost experts in the country on increasing earned income, acquiring passive income generating assets to ultimately replace earned income, finance management, becoming your own bank, succession planning, and so much more.
As Danielle and I continue to invest in our own personal growth, we are blessed to consistently find ourselves positioned in coveted masterminds and private groups like the ones above, in proximity to best in breed industry experts and professional investors.
We bring that information and those experts right back to the Mindset To Money community, to offer our members the opportunity to learn things we wish we had been exposed to years ago about getting, having, growing and keeping money.

We’ve All Been Sold A Dream Called “Retirement”

The financial model that’s been sold to all of us is to focus on working as much as we can and making as much as we can for 40 years, and squirreling it away into retirement products to create a “nest egg.” Then one day when we’re old and gray, we start siphoning from it for the remainder of our years, and hope it doesn’t run out.
Being in rooms learning from professional investors who simply put their money to work for them, and watch that money come back to them multiplied several times over while requiring NO WORK and NO MANAGEMENT from them had us shift our entire focus exclusively to “passive income investing” with our surplus cash.
In that moment, you’ve effectively retired yourself.
Respectively, it took Danielle and I less than 6 months to do that exact thing, with our separate families, once we specifically focused on it. We want Mindset To Money members all around the country to focus on doing the same thing, for their own families.

Hope Isn’t A Plan, And Going Back To School Is Too Expensive And Takes Too Long…

Perhaps you’ll win the lottery. Perhaps you have a huge inheritance coming. Perhaps you already have available lines of credit with tens of thousands of dollars that you can tap into at any time to purchase assets.
If not, in order for the average person to get the investable cash they need, to then start purchasing passive income-generating assets that will pay their living expenses, they need to first increase their earned income.
To do that, traditionally you would spend years of your life and thousands of dollars going back to school for a new career, to try to earn more money per hour. I don’t know about you, but we just don’t have that kind of time…

We’ve Been Helping People Increase Their Income For Years…

We shortcut the system and help Mindset To Money members increase their earned income by thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per year, within weeks to months.
This isn’t “get rich quick,” this isn’t MLM, and this isn’t for those who are looking for a magic bullet.
This is good old fashioned hard work in little known niches that pay extremely well, and in applying business growth frameworks to existing companies that predictably amplify revenue growth.
Danielle provides a pathway to 6-figures within 12-18 months with our Flagship online course, Property Preservation Mastery. This recession-proof program has over three hundred (300) five star reviews across Google, Facebook and our online education platform from past customers and clients, dating back to 2016.
Name: Donnie
Location: Chicago
Bragging Rights:
A $50K month
Name: Tracee
Location: Chicago
Bragging Rights:
A $250K month
Name: Rosalind
Location: Florida
Bragging Rights:
1st 4-figure month after 2 year break
Name: Tasha
Location: Texas
Bragging Rights:
Was able to leave her 9 to 5
Name: Teara
Location: Atlanta
Bragging Rights:
A $10K month
Name: Joey
Location: Texas
Bragging Rights:
A $15K month
Name: Eleia
Location: Texas
Bragging Rights:
A $6500 month

In my lane, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and course creators amplify their income for years.​

To that end, I am an Adjunct Professor of Executive Education at Northwestern Kellogg School of Business Management for their MBA and Executive MBA programs, and also am one of a handful of expert sales trainers from around the world featured in their actual online curriculum, in 2 separate courses.
Danielle was actually one of my case studies, before we joined forces and became business partners.
This is not some pie in the sky dream we have to “one day” figure out a way to help people quickly grow their income.
We do this for a living, and have already been on this mission for years, giving entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and everyday working professionals the tools to rapidly increase their earned income.

Mindset To Money

Master Classes

As you can see above, Danielle and I have a lot of information to share with our community about increasing earned income by creating recession-proof businesses in little known niches that don’t take long to get up and running and ringing the cash register, as well as how to amplify income in existing small businesses.

Mindset To Money isn’t just about the knowledge Danielle and I can personally share.

Beyond what we can teach, there is the expert network of dozens of our peers and mentors who we bring in to train the Mindset To Money membership community.
We provide members monthly access to master classes led by industry experts who have vetted, proven, brass tacks specific online education courses that offer step by step blueprints, in specific recession-proof industry niches that pay well, but don’t require much time or specialized knowledge to start earning an additional 4- to 5-figures per month, inside of 30-60 days.
In addition to trainings on how to quickly increase earned income, we bring in experts who provide access to vetted opportunities to purchase passive income generating assets or acquire 100% done for you businesses in recession-proof industry niches, that generate a guaranteed 4- to 5-figures of NET monthly recurring revenue, with zero time, zero energy, and zero management required from the owner for the system to churn out profit, every single month.
In Mindset To Money, members receive special discounts on our flagship programs, invitations to impromptu live and online trainings, master classes led by other featured experts around the country that help M2M members get, have, grow and keep money, and access to their deeper dive online education programs inside of special pricing only available to M2M members.

But There Are Already So Many Groups Focused On “Making Money” In General…

Great, so we give you access to some line item specific training in recession-proof industry niches, and you increase your earned income. Check.
If you're well-capitalized, we give you vetted opportunities to "buy a revenue stream" and "purchase your retirement" in a single transaction. Ok! But lots of communities talk about programs, strategies and tactics for making more money. What specifically makes the Mindset To Money community special?
What we’ve learned is that in and of itself, simply MAKING a lot of money is not how wealth is built or maintained.
Purchasing ASSETS and acquiring BUSINESSES that generate passive income and recurring revenue without requiring your time and attention, and putting structures in place to KEEP and GROW that money is.
Now you need to know how to budget effectively, and organize your record keeping if you’re a new business owner, to optimize your ability to purchase assets…
Now you need to know how to build and leverage business credit, to make bigger and faster strategic investments and purchases, to continue growing your portfolio of assets and enterprises, for this generation of your family, and the next…
Now you need to understand how to use little known vehicles like non-direct recognition, dividend paying whole life insurance, to ditch the bank, become your own private reserve, fund your own deals at unbeatable interest rates, and still get paid from the market the entire time in one of the lowest risk, highest ROI financial vehicles on the planet…
Now you need to start learning about tax strategy (distinct from tax preparation), to plan your finances, investments and acquisitions looking forward 12 months in advance, instead of in the rear view mirror at the end of the year, and which vetted professionals to reach out to, along with what exact questions to ask them…
Now you need a framework to identify which types of tools, resources, programs, business opportunities and investments are and ARE NOT a fit for YOUR unique financial goals, given YOUR unique set of current circumstances (time, specialized knowledge, money, network, etc)…
Now you need a focused community of others who are also just as tired of working and entrepreneuring (is that a word lol?) as you are, and are all focused on purchasing passive income generating assets to retire themselves in 5 years or less, by making their dollars their employees.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving what you do, and having a thriving career, or owning a thriving business. But if your goal is to totally detach yourself from the obligation of trading ANY amount of hours for dollars for your bills to be paid without you ever needing to roll out of bed in the morning…

We are exactly who you have been looking for.


What Customers And Clients Say About Us...

M2M Members Dashboard

STEP 1: Once you're logged in to the M2M Members Dashboard, check out the Financial Autonomy vs Financial Freedom page
STEP 2: Visit the Create Your Financial Autonomy Plan page, and complete the five (5) foundational steps that we tell very single member are critical to take as they begin their journey to financial autonomy with Mindset To Money.
STEP 3: Check out The 6 Rings aka The Money Cycle page, to understand where you are on your financial journey and what actions, asset purchases or business purchases you need in order to "Ring Up" to the next level.
STEP 4: As long as your membership is active and in good standing, you can access all past, present and future M2M Master Classes in our six (6) foundational areas: MINDSET, INVEST, HUSTLE, EARN, INCREASE, MANAGE.
STEP 5: Check out our calendar of upcoming Mindset To Money events.
STEP 6: Add your headshot, complete your profile, and find resources, opportunities and like-minded people through the Global M2M Membership Network.
STEP 7: Watch recordings of The 6 RINGS Neverending Ebook Membership Calls to get a bird's eye view of Thomas and Danielle's personal approach to business, finances, investments, personal development and how they are striving to live an aligned life, while balancing it all.
STEP 8: Check out the Resources page for custom budgeting templates, detailed investment analysis tools for buying or investing in businesses or companies, managing loans to loved ones, and more.

There’s No Time Like The Present.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews online. Dozens of testimonials. At this point, all we can say is if you choose to take the leap…

See you on the other side!

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