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STORY #2: Credit Monitoring For A 536 Fico Score?

Some of y’all know that I filed a bankruptcy in 2019 which immediately tanked my scores to the low to mid 500s. 

Y’all it was the absolute ghetto.

I mean, I knew it was gonna happen but seeing it in real life was crazyyyy. 

I paid off the bankruptcy in almost exactly ONE year, which was 4 years early. 

And guess what happened next…

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Didn’t even get so much as a bump in the positive direction. Here’s my scores from April of 2020. Still trash lol.

I knew I had a long road ahead of me. 

Back in my early entrepreneurial days, I did some credit repair along with everything else. I figured I could be up 100 points for each bureau within 12 to 18 months. 

Along the way, I signed up for credit monitoring via Now, I had the pleasure of these folks sending me perfectly WORTHLESS alerts multiple times a month.

These messages would be like:

  • 🖕“Your balance decreased to zero and your Experian score dropped 3 points.”
  • 🖕“Your information is on the dark web. We recommend changing your passwords.”
  • 🖕“One of your card balances increased by $18 bucks, your Equifax score increased 14 points.”

For the grand total of about $43 bucks a month, I was basically paying to get trolled by the credit monitoring service daily, multiple times a day even, about how God awful my credit situation was.

I wish I was making this up, but it’s all facts. Sidenote – We’re gonna keep the joke on me for now, but don’t y’all try to act brand new like some of y’all don’t know
EXACTLY what I’m talking about mmmmkay.

Seriously though, credit monitoring just gave me data. I couldn’t make rhyme or reason as to WHY the scores would decrease or increase. 

I didn’t have a way of sorting through the data and making appropriate decisions along the way.

I was firing in the dark, which made the process of improving my scores much longer. 

Our next Mindset To Money Featured Expert, Dominique Brown, has created a platform that analyzes your credit data, tells you exactly what the best plan of attack is to improve your scores and create a clean and optimized credit file, AND implements the suggested solution within SECONDS, at the push of a button.

No more tryna Google the best ways to raise credit. 

No more scouting through multiple YouTube videos. 

No more paying for countless courses, coaches and programs to build your credit. 

Dominique is leading our next Mindset To Money Master Class, to show you exactly how AI has changed the game for everyday folks like you and me to repair our credit, build a clean and optimized credit profile, and proactively manage credit health day to day.

At Your Service,
Danielle Pierce



Join us for our next 90-minute Mindset To Money Master Class, as Dominique shows us how to repair credit scores utilizing automated AI software. Imagine just sitting back and poof…letting AI do all the disputing work on your behalf.


Learn how simple it is to start the automated process to build a clean and optimized financial profile at the click of a button. Click the link to learn more about the Master Class.

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Everyone else pays $147 bucks. 


We start at 7:00pm CST on May 30th. 

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