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Credit Karma To Pay $3 Million For False Pre-Approved Offers

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STORY #5: Credit Karma To Pay $3 Million For False Pre-Approved Offers

You do know that the scores from Credit Karma are NOT your actual credit score, right?


Whelp, if you didn’t know, lemme apologize in advance for ripping off your bandaid. #MyBad


And it looks like there were other issues with the platform as well as highlighted in the article in the screenshot below. 


Credit Karma is gonna have to pay $3 million bucks for targeting their customers with fake pre approved offers.

Essentially, millions of folks were applying for credit cards, based on Credit Karma’s odds of approval scoring system, and subsequently denied. 

And now they have to pay up. 

Now, I don’t want you to think that this email is a roast session for Credit Karma, because it isn’t. 

Their platform has helped millions of folks start the journey to better understanding their credit. 

And as I mentioned before in a prior email, it is important to start your knowledge building about credit as early and completely as possible.

Moral of the story? The quality of information definitely matters more than anything.

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