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11 Creative Side Hustles to Earn an Extra $1,000+ PER MONTH!

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Side Hustles That Pay Well

Are you looking for some creative side hustles to bring in a CONSISTENT income into your pocket every single month?

Perfect, because we’re not going to give you a list of side hustles that MIGHT work…

We’ve compiled a list of creative side hustles that DO work and many of them have been tested and tried by Danielle Pierce, who has now earned $2,000,000+ as a vendor in her Property Preservation business, and another $2,000,000+ training people all around the country how to launch 4- to 5-figure per month Property Preservation businesses of their own in 12-18 months, but things weren’t always going that well.

Before Danielle went into entrepreneurship, she found herself laid off from her internal auditing job, with the responsibility of providing for her family and she NEEDED to find alternative ways to bring in an income and FAST.

Unfortunately, she had to figure out most of this stuff on her own, but to our benefit through her trial and error, she has shared with us some of the best and most lucrative ways she was able to make her first 6-figures from side hustles. 

In a recent Master Class in Mindset To Money, Danielle (who is also one of the founders of Mindset To Money) came in and WOWED everyone with all of the different ways she was able to make money and we are going to discuss many of those today. 

Here is a sneak peak from the Master Class of some of the side hustles she shared  (insert Youtube recap video)

You see what we’re talking about? This is stuff you just won’t hear anywhere else!

In addition to the many side hustles Danielle has successfully pursued, we’ve also added some additional tried-and-true side hustles to help you establish a consistent monthly income. 

Our goal is to help you overcome any financial roadblocks that might be hindering you from reaching your financial goals.

To take the first step towards financial autonomy, we want to help shed some light on some potential financial obstacles that could be impeding your progress.

Mindset To Money developed this FREE quiz to help you identify which of the “6 Stages of Financial Development” you’re in, and exactly what to do next to propel yourself to the next level.

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Understanding where you currently are will help you better navigate where you’re going. 

Earning extra money will certainly get you to your financial goals sooner, so let’s get into this list.

Here are 11 Good Easy Side Hustles You Can Try Today

1. Mystery Shopping

unique ways to make extra money on the side

Engage in mystery shopping for a range of activities, including getting an oil change, visiting popular entertainment venues, or purchasing clothing. This low-effort side hustle is a fun way to earn extra income, especially for young adults and college students.

2. Medical Transport and Delivery

good easy side hustles

Become a part of medical transport and delivery services, akin to Amazon Flex but with a specialized focus on medical supplies. This job entails picking up and dropping off packages, requiring access to a vehicle. Opportunities are available nationwide.

3. Property Inspections

side hustles that pay weekly

Property inspections involve visiting a property to assess and document its condition. These inspections are crucial for various purposes, including real estate transactions, insurance claims, and maintenance assessments. Inspectors typically take photographs, document any damages, note the overall condition, and sometimes provide recommendations for repairs or improvements. The information gathered during the inspection helps property owners, buyers, insurers, or real estate professionals make informed decisions.

Property inspections pay around $75 per inspection. Unlike quick drive-by inspections, these inspections may be more elaborate, providing a higher payout for the additional effort involved.

4. Delivery Driving Jobs

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Work as a courier for platforms like Gopuff or Instacart, providing delivery services for various items such as groceries and essentials. These jobs offer weekly payments, and owning a delivery vehicle is not mandatory.

5. Insurance Inspections

Perform insurance inspections for properties that have experienced specific damages, like hail damage. These inspections assist insurance companies in processing claims. The role involves taking photos, answering questions, and documenting the property’s condition, with payment typically amounting to around $75 per inspection but has room for negotiation.

6. Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)

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BPOs are evaluations performed by licensed real estate agents to determine the market value of a property. These evaluations are typically requested by banks or mortgage companies and are used for various purposes such as short sales, foreclosures, or refinancing. Real estate agents analyze comparable properties, market trends, and the property’s condition to provide an estimate of its value. BPOs offer a cost-effective alternative to full property appraisals.

The timing of BPOs can be flexible, but photos must be taken during daylight hours. The due date for completing a BPO is typically within two to three days, but rush orders might require a 24-hour turnaround.

7. FEMA Inspections

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) inspections involve assessing properties affected by disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or other natural calamities. Inspectors visit damaged properties to document the extent of the damage and gather essential information for disaster relief and insurance claims. These inspections play a vital role in determining the assistance and support that affected individuals and communities may be eligible to receive.

Inspectors are reimbursed for expenses like travel, food, and lodging but must pass a thorough federal background check. This opportunity is ideal for those willing to travel on short notice, but it’s crucial to be flexible with return dates and not suitable for those with specific commitments.

8. Apartment Mystery Shops

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Apartment mystery shops involve posing as a potential renter to assess the customer service, facilities, and overall experience provided by property managers or leasing agents in apartment complexes. Mystery shoppers follow specific guidelines to evaluate the property’s cleanliness, maintenance, leasing process, and the professionalism of the staff. The gathered feedback is then reported to the property owners or management to improve the overall tenant experience.

9. Facebook Group Management

Facebook group management involves creating a profile on freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to market yourself as a Facebook group manager. Entrepreneurs often seek assistance in moderating and engaging with their Facebook communities, willing to pay for reliable moderators who can ensure active participation and meaningful discussions within their groups. 

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a thriving industry where individuals partner with online companies to promote their products or services. By becoming an affiliate, you can earn commissions by referring people to a product or service using your unique referral link. This creative side hustle leverages personal networks and online platforms to direct potential customers to the affiliate company. 

11. Online Notary Services

Online notary services involve obtaining a notary license and providing notary services virtually. Notaries facilitate legal processes such as document verification and signatures through online platforms, enhancing convenience for clients. 

These side hustles give you a little insight of ways to make extra money every month, but there’s so much more we haven’t even shared.

You also may have more questions about which companies are the best to work for with the side hustles mentioned above and how to get started so Danielle put together a step-by-step program that has OVER 30+ recession-proof side hustles that will help you earn an extra $1,000-$1,500, EVERY SINGLE MONTH, in 60 days or less!

If you thought this list was something, take a look at what’s all inside here. 

If you’re looking for some creative side hustles, this is the route you’ll want to take. 

If you have any questions or comments about these side hustles, drop a comment below and remember to take our free quiz to help you identify your current financial standing and to learn the next steps to propel yourself to the next level. 

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