INCREASE: How To Leverage AI To Write Your Next Book with Alicia Lyttle

Hey y’all, this is Danielle!

These days, it seems that we have an overwhelming number of platforms and channels to navigate when it comes to marketing ourselves, our stories and our respective products and services. 

There’s Facebook (for old folks born in the 1900s as my kids say lol)…

There’s Instagram…

There’s Pinterest…

There’s YouTube…

There’s Twitter…

There’s TikTok…

There’s Podcasting…

And the latest addition to the mix is “Threads” which is a Twitter competitor launched by Mark Zuckerberg…at least that’s what I heard anyway. I haven’t tried it. 

Overwhelming trying to figure out how to navigate and post to so many platforms, right? 

But wait! It’s not just the posting is it? You gotta take it a step further than that… 

You also gotta “target your audience.”

That means…

Taking trending topics and tryna figure out how to marry them with posts about your products / services that are relevant to your audience…

Researching trending hashtags for your audience segment, and using them in your posts…

Keeping up with trending images, background music and background sounds on content that is performing well for your audience segment, specific to each social media platform, and using it in your posts…

And you apparently also gotta learn dance moves to go along with the trending audio.

But wait! There’s more!

You also gotta “engage” with your audience.

That’s right, after all that, you then actually have to talk to all these random humans in your comments and DMs.

Who TF has time for all this?

Chile….issa hard NO for me.

We’ve been head down, building our business for the last year and a half, and have been mostly radio silent on social media during that time.

We’re just now getting to the point where we recently hired a professional team to begin managing our outbound social media posting on a daily basis, across all of our social channels.

If you’re a business owner or subject matter expert, and you have no desire to be dancing and recording new content all damn day in front of your phone to connect with your potential customers or clients online, you and I have something in common.

But if you aren’t yet at a place to spend thousands of dollars to hire professionals who post daily on your behalf and grow your brand for you online…what can you do?

Here’s the deal…

Quiet as it’s kept, BOOKS are still popular. Still relevant. Still valuable. And still one heck of a marketing tool to create that inbound interest from your prospects when used correctly. 

Whether you know it or not, YOU have a story to tell and there are people who will pay to get access to that story. 

I’ve written a chapter as a featured author in one book, I also have a book published on Amazon, and I’ve self-published a 3rd book which we sell independently, direct to our customers. 

The reality is if you can type, you can write a book. Sooooooo…WRITE A BOOK.

But is it really that simple?

Me personally? I love writing, so I found the process to be SUPER easy, non-intimidating and seamless.

Heck, the hardest part was sharing some of the most personal aspects of my life for the world to read lol.

So with all that said, with me loving to write, and the process of writing a book feeling really easy and approachable for me, I was able to write my last book a few years ago in just a few short months.

For someone who LOVES writing, and LOVED the process of writing a book, it only took me a few short months.

But, guess what?

If you’re less like the handful of weirdos like me, and more like, ummm I don’t know, just about every other normal, everyday person, it’s more likely that maybe writing a book HASN’T been a breeze for you, and maybe you have a story in you and you HAVEN’T gotten it out yet.

Here’s the good news – if you’re someone who feels like you have a book in you, but you DON’T necessarily love writing, or you DON’T find the process of writing easy and seamless, and you struggle to find the time to write that book you’ve been talking about and “working on” for years now…

Your process to write a book doesn’t need to be months. It doesn’t even need to be weeks. You, yes YOU CAN WRITE YOUR FIRST OR NEXT BOOK IN JUST A HANDFUL OF DAYS using artificial intelligence right now.

In our next Mindset To Money Master Class, Alicia Lyttle will show us exactly how to go through the entire process from start to having your book FINISHED in just a matter of days, including a beautifully designed cover…including a full launch campaign series of emails, ads, everything you need.

No more excuses, right?

Here’s what you need to know about Alicia: 

  • Alicia Lyttle is an EIGHT figure entrepreneur. 
  • Former highly ranked White House employee
  • Named by USA Today as one of the top 20 Entrepreneurs building empires in 2023
  • Digital marketing expert with 23 years of experience
  • Has helped thousands of individuals quit their 9 to 5

P.S. I’m about 99% certain that whatever Alicia is selling, I’m going to buy lol. I’ve wanted to be a full-time author for my ENTIRE life and if AI is helping folks knock out books in just a few days, I’m here for it.