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It's a common trend we've noticed among our members: many who express a desire to cancel their membership simply haven't fully grasped the extent of what they have access to. Oftentimes, there's a wealth of valuable resources, exclusive content, expert guidance, networking opportunities, and exciting perks that go unnoticed. We encourage members to take a moment to delve deeper and discover the hidden gems that await them. By exploring what's truly available, they may find a renewed appreciation for the benefits and reconsider their decision to cancel.

What’s Included In The

M2M Membership

Have you accessed the M2M member dashboard and private facebook group?

Have you taken advantage of the M2M member dashboard and the private Facebook group? We've noticed that some of our members may not be fully aware of these invaluable resources.
The member dashboard is a centralized hub where you can access all the On-Demand Master Class and Trainings, special offers, the national M2M community, and tools designed to get you to Financial Autonomy faster. Additionally, our private Facebook group serves as another hub for the M2M community where members can connect with one another.
If you haven't explored these platforms yet, we highly encourage you to do so and unlock a whole new level of engagement and support within our M2M community.

Access The Member Dashboard

From educational materials and bonus resources to goal-tracking features and progress monitoring, the M2M Member Dashboard is designed to empower you on your journey to Financial Autonomy.
Log in at, and gain access to a centralized hub where you can find curated content, valuable tools, and personalized recommendations.

Access The Facebook Group

To fully immerse yourself in our community, don't forget to access the private Facebook group. It's a hub where members can connect and engage directly with one another.
To gain access, simply visit for step-by-step instructions on joining the private Facebook group. Join the private Facebook group today!
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Here's how you make the most of the M2M Members Dashboard

STEP 1: Once you're logged in to the M2M Members Dashboard, check out the Financial Autonomy vs Financial Freedom page
STEP 2: Visit the Create Your Financial Autonomy Plan page, and complete the five (5) foundational steps that we tell very single member are critical to take as they begin their journey to financial autonomy with Mindset To Money.
STEP 3: Check out The 6 Rings aka The Money Cycle page, to understand where you are on your financial journey and what actions, asset purchases or business purchases you need in order to "Ring Up" to the next level.
STEP 4: As long as your membership is active and in good standing, you can access all past, present and future M2M Master Classes On-Demand in our six (6) foundational areas: MINDSET, INVEST, HUSTLE, EARN, INCREASE, MANAGE.
STEP 5: Stay connected using our calendar of upcoming Mindset To Money events.
STEP 6: Add your headshot, complete your profile, and find resources, opportunities and like-minded people through the Global M2M Membership Network.
STEP 7: Watch recordings of The 6 RINGS Neverending Ebook Membership Calls to get a bird's eye view of Thomas and Danielle's personal approach to business, finances, investments, personal development and how they are striving to live an aligned life, while balancing it all.
STEP 8: Check out the Resources page for custom budgeting templates, detailed investment analysis tools for buying or investing in businesses or companies, managing loans to loved ones, and more.

Have you completed your foundational five steps in The Mindset To Money Financial Autonomy Framework?

1. What is your Monthly FAF?
Use the M2M Budget Template --->> HERE to identify your FAF
Your Financial Autonomy Figure (FAF) is the total of your monthly living expenses (survival) plus your monthly lifestyle expenses (leisure)
2. What is your Monthly FAF Gap?
The gap between your Financial Autonomy Figure (FAF) and the amount of AUTOMATED passive income plus NET recurring revenue that you currently bring in monthly is your “FAF Gap”
3. By what date do you plan to have achieved? (TFA Date)
In order to identify your pathway and exact timeline for "buying automated revenue streams," you need to CHOOSE a TFA Date, and commit to it. Whether that is 2 years from now, or 5 years from now, this is your line in sand date where you plan to achieve Total Financial Autonomy. This TFA Date will guide all your purchase and investment decisions and timelines
4. What is your Total Financial Autonomy (TFA) Plan?
In order to retire yourself early, you'll need to achieve Total Financial Autonomy (TFA). Based on your current resources (time, cash on hand, available credit, credit score, current income, etc), whether it's purchasing vetted opportunities we make available inside M2M, or finding your own opportunities, identify what your fastest route is to be able to "buy AUTOMATED revenue streams" as your next step
5. What is your Financial Autonomy goal for your 1st year of M2M Membership? (Year 1 FAB)
Look out 12 months from now, and picture yourself at the end of your 1st year of membership. How much of your FAF Gap do you plan to have closed by the end of year 1 of your M2M membership? We call that your Year 1 Financial Autonomy Benchmark (Year 1 FAB)
We want to see members purchasing passive income generating assets and automated recurring revenue generating businesses with intention, inside of a measured and exact plan to close their FAF Gap with AUTOMATED money, to get to a place of "Total Financial Autonomy" by a defined date (TFA Date).

We invite you to take control of your financial future as well as the financial future of generations of your family to come, by becoming a member of the Mindset To Money global community.

We don't take it lightly that our national community of M2M members are putting their trust in us to vet and recommend opportunities to purchase passive income generating assets, buy automated recurring revenue generating businesses, and invest in off the beaten path opportunities that, to the untrained eye, could easily be perceived as "risky."

We do a tremendous amount of due diligence on our end, so we can know that the opportunities and offers we bring to our members are what we would consider truly on the lower end of the risk spectrum, in the way that the Mindset To Money community evaluates risk and ROI.

When we talk about ways to "purchase your retirement" by "buying automated revenue streams," we understand that this is a very specific narrative, and a novel concept. In the Mindset To Money community, we don’t throw around generic catch-all terms like “financial autonomy,” that have no defined way to objectively measure what that end point looks like, or how to get there.

Have you taken advantage of the tens of thousands of dollars in discounts and bonuses on our M2M Members-Only Deals?

Have you fully capitalized on the incredible value available through our M2M Members-Only Deals? We're talking about tens of thousands of dollars in discounts and bonuses waiting to be claimed. From exclusive discounts on products and services to bonus offers and special perks, our Members-Only Deals are designed to help you save money and maximize the benefits of your membership. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to access substantial savings and additional bonuses. Make sure to explore the M2M Members-Only Deals and take advantage of the incredible value that awaits you.

Property Preservation Mastery

Learn how to start a Property Preservation company, a recession-proof, 6-figure business with no selling involved. Get deep-dive training and establish yourself in a little-known real estate niche.

High Ticket ECom Secrets (HTES)

Purchase a high-ticket ecommerce business that generates guaranteed monthly recurring revenue, done for you or run for you.

Have you accessed the Resources section in the M2M Member Dashboard to use the Financial tools for investment analysis, personal budgeting, etc?

Have you explored the Resources section within the M2M Member Dashboard? It's a treasure trove of financial tools for investment analysis, personal budgeting, and much more. Take advantage of these powerful resources to gain insights, track your investments, and effectively manage your finances. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting your financial journey, don't miss out on the valuable tools available to you. Visit the Resources section in the M2M Member Dashboard and unleash the potential of your financial decisions today.

M2M Customized Personal Budgeting Template

Maximize your financial management with the M2M Customized Personal Budgeting Template. This powerful tool is designed to help you take control of your finances, track your income and expenses, set savings goals, and make informed financial decisions. By using this template, you can gain clarity and insight into your spending habits, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately achieve your financial objectives. Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to a more organized and empowered financial future with the M2M Customized Personal Budgeting Template.

Smart Money Grows Investment Analysis Overview Guide

Unlock the potential of your investments with the Smart Money Grows Investment Analysis Overview Guide. This comprehensive resource provides valuable insights and techniques to help you analyze investment opportunities effectively. From understanding key financial indicators to evaluating risk and return, this guide empowers you to make informed investment decisions. Whether you're a novice or experienced investor, the Investment Analysis Overview Guide is your go-to resource for maximizing your investment potential. Don't miss out on this essential tool to grow your wealth intelligently with Smart Money Grows.

Do you know that Mindset To Money has free On-Demand Master Classes for Members in your Dashboard?

Discover the hidden gems within your Mindset To Money membership! Did you know that your Dashboard grants you access to free On-Demand Master Classes? These exclusive classes are packed with valuable, brass tacks knowledge and strategy across business, investments, finance, and personal development to support you on your journey to Financial Autonomy.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain actionable knowledge at your own pace. Head to your Dashboard now and unlock the wisdom of Mindset To Money's On-Demand Master Classes for Members.

Still want to cancel your M2M Membership?

If you still want to go, we wish you the best on your continued journey toward Financial Autonomy, and we thank you for having been a part of our community.

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