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An Instant 20 Point Increase Into The 700 Club!

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STORY #8: An Instant 20 Point Increase Into The 700 Club!

When I think about the Internet, my sincere feeling is that it is both one of the greatest tools ever invented while simultaneously being one of the worst things ever lol. 

We all know that you can find anything on the Internet. That aspect has been a massive improvement to humankind. 

But, the QUALITY of that information is what makes all the difference. 

And avoiding the cesspools of bad, outdated, and outright illegal credit information is a true challenge.

I’ve heard about buying tradelines for years. 

But, when you try to find a legit company to buy a tradeline, all you can seem to find is rabbit hole after rabbit hole.

You could be mere seconds away from throwing away hundreds of dollars (best case scenario) or having your identity stolen (worst case scenario). 

Fortunately, my brother actually came to my rescue and recommended a Texas-based company that sells tradelines. 

I bought a tradeline November 8th, 2022 for $950 bucks. 

Scores increased by 17, 19 and 20 points respectively. 

#Boom #Pow

And of course, I always got proof cuz why not lol?

Fortunately for you all, you ain’t gotta pay $950 bucks to learn about strategies to raise AND maintain a killer credit score. 

All you need to do is register for our Mindset To Money Featured Master Class with Dominique Brown.

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