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In the spirit of our Master Class with Dominique Brown, entitledHow To Use AI To Repair Personal Credit,” this series of stories is all about PERSONAL CREDIT.

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STORY #1: $145K Salary At 30 Years Old?

Our next Mindset To Money Master Class will be facilitated by esteemed credit and personal finance expert Dominique Brown.

Remember that one Kanye song that goes like this: “Laaaaaa, la, la..wait til I get my money right!”

Well, this song was a perfect soundtrack to Dominique Brown’s life at the tender age of 30 years old. See Exhibit A below:

And in a sudden twist of fate that I’ve heard described DOZENS of times in my life, Dominique started to feel the weight of his golden handcuffs for the first time.

It started when his beautiful wife Sheena gave birth to their first daughter…

And all of a sudden, he wanted OUT.

You’ll have to let Dominique break down how he went from middle management in corporate America in 2014 to winning the two comma award from Clickfunnels in 2021.

Trust me, it is one heck of a story.

In the meantime, what I can tell you is that Dominique is a personal finance expert and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping people improve their financial health.

He’s the author of two books: “How To Fix Your Credit” and “Olivia Learns Credit.”

Over 30,000 people have benefited from his programs.

He’s the creator of the CRA and Credit Repair Business Blueprint. Students inside of this program have generated anywhere from an extra $1K to $50K per month

Oh and Dominique’s impact extends beyond individuals to organizations. Over 6000 companies have utilized his platform,, to run their credit repair businesses, highlighting the effectiveness and scalability of his strategies.

In the last 18 months, Dominique has raised the bar, AGAIN, with his programs by integrating artificial intelligence with personal credit repair.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve likely heard folks raving about the wonders (or shortfalls) of chatGPT and other artificial intelligence software.

I won’t hold you, there is still so much that I don’t know about all of these AI apps. For example, everyone swears that you can use AI to write dozens of perfectly crafted emails in minutes. And yet, guess who’s sitting on the floor, drinking apple freshly squeezed apple juice and writing this email now lol? Oh, it’s still me lol – Danielle Pierce.

Anyhoo, Dominique is spilling the tea about how to repair your personal credit using AI. All the info is below.

At Your Service,
Danielle Pierce



Join us for our next 90-minute Mindset To Money Master Class, as Dominique shows us how to repair credit scores utilizing automated AI software. Imagine just sitting back and poof…letting AI do all the disputing work on your behalf.


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Everyone else will pay a one-time fee of $147.

We start at 7:00pm CST on May 30th. 


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