#CourseIn10 Challenge


In the #CourseIn10 Challenge, you move through a well architected, process-driven framework to start and plan for the completion of stage 1 of your new online course launch in just 10 days, directly to your warm network, WITH NO ADS NECESSARY.

If not, in order for the average person to get the investable cash they need, in order to start purchasing passive income generating assets that will pay their living expenses, they need to first increase their earned income.

✅ 1) Customer Focus:   Ideal target customer, customer type

✅ 2) Course Focus:   Course content, course type, offer type

✅ 3) Pricing:   Identifying the appropriate pricing quadrant based on offer type

✅ 4) Track Record:   Your expert identity

✅ 5) Branding:   Naming, course logo + social graphics, accent graphics, etc

✅ 6) Sales Page vs Sales Funnel vs Sales System:   Planning for a "Sales System" from day one, to be able to systematize and automate sales of the course

✅ 7) Software Tech Tools:   Which event management software, which learning management system software, processing payments, which recording software, and how do they all integrate so you don't have to figure out ANYTHING

✅ 8) Format & Logistics:   Course structure & delivery, video length, no edits needed recording format, generating organic bonus content while recording, captions

✅ 9) Strategy:   Positioning, promotion, affiliate partnerships, etc

✅ 10) Launch Stacking™:   You'll complete Stage 1 of our 4-stage "layered launch" approach to generate immediate pre-sale income, invaluable insights, initial buzz and buy-in from your existing warm personal and professional network for v1 of your program

STAGE 1: 90 Minute "Industry Overview" Master Class
STAGE 2: 90 Minute "Pain Frame" Master Class
STAGE 3: Multi-Day "Watch Event"
STAGE 4: Full Online Course Launch Event

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